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©Photo by Gian Luca Bertarelli

"A performer, a circus artist,
an actress, a tap dancer,
a comedian, a gymnast,
with a big heart
and a contagious smile.
...she is Samaki
and you already love her!!"

Gammazita Cultural Association 

 "Samaki is pure energy!"

 The festival organiser

Tap dancer, juggler, actress, and so much more!

In love with rhythmic gymnastics, Samaki started to compete at the age of 9 and at the same time began to perform on stage.

She grew up competing and performing and after a long career as a gymnast, she started to explore different styles of dances, receiving a scholarship for an internship at the Manor Ballet School of London where she worked with the former first dancer of the Bolshoi, Evgeny Goremykin. and at the same time she studied lyrical jazz and tap dance at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden.

Back in Rome, she graduated from the musical theatre school LIM directed by Cesare Vangeli where she regularly appeared on stage in the annual editions of “Tip Tap Show” and many others theatre productions.

Her first solo show was born from her introduction to juggling in 2014 and from there up to now, she is performing a series of original stand alone performances and shows in many international circus festivals.

In addition, Samaki has choreographed and directed a variety of theatre shows. She is the artistic director of the rhythmic gymnastic association “Tabasam a.s.d.”, she collaborates with theatre and circus companies and she leads workshops on stretching, jazz, tap dance and many other things.

In 2016 she won a scholarship for the Professional Program for Tap Dancers at the Luthier School of Dance in Barcelona directed by Guillem Alonso Alcalay.

In 2017, she started to work as Choreography Assistant for the Sebastian Weber Dance Company, a tap focused company infused with contemporary dance and led by Sebastian Weber. The Company is based in Germany and at the time was preparing its very first show: Caboom. After that, the Company never stopped producing and brought to stage other different shows: Cowboys, Touch, Folk Fiction and Bats.

Meanwhile, Samaki keeps travelling the globe with her own show and in 2018 she happily landed in Japan and performed at the beautiful Toyokan Theater in Tokyo!

In 2019 she was ready to perform again in the beautiful land of Japan but this time in several amazing places as a member of a six weeks traveling festival!

In 2020, she is on stage with the show "Girlpower", directed by Urs Jäckle, at the prestigious KRYSTALLPALAST VARIETE' of Leipzig, Germany. From 2021, she will be back in the house covering different roles... and she simply love it!

...That's Samaki!

"She is a stage animal!" 

Her father

©Translation by Claudine Ratnayake

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