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 "Nothing works without her!"

A choreographer


 Perù - 2019

A tribute to a beautiful funny standard combined with the celebration of an amazing awesome country!

Freely and happily dedicated to all the wonderful people I shared this journey with and to all those who, like me, love this choreography!

Choreography: The Copasetic and Ernest "Brownie" Brown Learned at: Escola Luthier Dansa, Barcelona

Music: Buck Dance Song for Brownie's Copasetic Chair Dance (unfortunately not a good quality) 

"Her outgoing energy
is inspiring!"

A spectator

"The stage presence
the difference!"

Another photographer of a festival

JAPAN 2018 - A video to say "ThankYou"!

Performing is the best way to experience travel in a beautiful country meeting wonderful people!

It's hard to describe with words such amazing adventures but this video surely helps! 

Thank you to all the amazing people I met!

 "Your research is amazing!"

An artist 

HAT JUGGLING in OKINAWA (Japan) - A beautiful gift from a brilliant photographer

Okinawa 2018

Photos or Video? Both!

This is a beautiful gift I received from Kanghee Rhee, a brilliant photographer that I met in Okinawa, Japan (2018). 


A spectator in a different show


An extract from the beautiful stage of the Juggling Convention in Brianza (2013). 

 "Everyone is different
but indeed you more so!"

Her doctor

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©Translation by Claudine Ratnayake

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