JAPAN 2018 - A video to say "ThankYou"!

Performing is the best way to experience travel in a beautiful country meeting wonderful people!

It's hard to describe with words such amazing adventures but this video surely helps! 

Thank you to all the amazing people I met!

"Her outgoing energy

is inspiring!"

A spectator

HAT JUGGLING in OKINAWA (Japan) - A beautiful gift from a brilliant photographer

Photos or Video? Both!

This is a beautiful gift I received from Kanghee Rhee, a brilliant photographer that I met in Okinawa, Japan (2018). 

"The stage presence


the difference!"

Another photographer of a festival

"TAPHATS" at Teatro Furio Camillo

Moments to remember in the Variety Show at Teatro Furio Camillo, Rome, with the priceless presence on stage of The Red Nose Band and the cracking presentation of Daniele Spadaro. (2018)

 "Nothing works without her!"

The choreographer

 "Your research is amazing!"

An artist 


Mini, tiny extract from 31st edition of Pflasterspektakel Festival in Linz, Austria (2017). 

When the volunteer you choose in the audience makes the difference!

 "Everyone is different

but indeed you more so!"

Her doctor



A spectator in a different show


An extract from the beautiful stage of the Juggling Convention in Brianza (2013). 

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©Translation by Claudine Ratnayake

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