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©Photo by Gian Luca Bertarelli

An original combination of hat manipulation with the rhythmic essence of tap dance! The audience is involved in creating the syncopations and offbeats that form the rhythms and grooves that underline the hats manipulation. A totally unique act!


Genre: Comedy - Percussive tap dance & hat manipulation

Duration: 5 - 7 minutes , as needed

Note: the act can have a follow of three different moments with a building up of interaction with the audience using claps and body percussion.

©Filming and Editing: Pietro Vaglica

"So zany and brilliant!"

The videomaker of her own promo video



©Photo by Gian Luca Bertarelli

The technical mastery and elegance of the rhythmic gymnastics rope, fused with the musicality of tap! A former gymnast cannot but try to combine these two elements. The result speaks for itself - seeing is believing!

Genre: Rhythmic gymnastics rope & tap dance

Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds

"I want a Samaki to keep on my bedside table!"

The photographer of a festival

"TapDancing in the Rain"


A tribute to one of the greatest musicals of all time: "Singing in the Rain".

A comic re-adaptation based on tap dance and manipulation of umbrellas. The essential factor for the success of this act is provided with the help of a volunteer: the rain!


Genre: Comedy - Tap dance

Duration: 5 minutes

©Filming and Editing: Pietro Vaglica

"When she starts to dance,

she appears to come from another world!"

An artist in the same variety show

©Translation by Claudine Ratnayake

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